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Services to Business Clonalkin Directory

The Clondalkin Online Directory contains almost 2000 entries and is the most comprehensive directory of businesses and organisations ever produced for the area. The directory is fully searchable by keyword and all organisations in the area are offered a basic listing in the directory free of charge.

Each basic entry contains the organisation name together with all contact details. Hyperlinks are also provided where entries contain e-mail or web site addresses.

Expanded Directory Entries are also available. An expanded entry allows for more detail about the organisation to be published in text form, i.e. meeting times & places, contact information, aims & objectives, opening hours and a "Billboard" section where up to 250 words of text about the organisation can be published. With an Expanded Directory Entry, only information about one organisation appears on the page. This means that the page has it's own, unique internet address which can be published on organisation paperwork, etc., and registered with Internet Search Engines. This service is free to non commercial organisations.

To submit your basic directory entry, or to amend an existing basic directory entry, simply click on directory@clondalkin.com and put either "New Basic Directory Listing" or "Amended Basic Directory Listing" in the subject line of your e-mail. In the body of your e-mail, give us the name of your organisation and all contact details. Also, please give us up to three keywords that you would like linked to your entry. These keywords could be descriptive of the area of activity of the organisation or, perhaps, types of people the organisation seeks to attract.

Important: For security reasons, your e-mail must originate from the e-mail address of the organisation to which the entry refers. If this is not possible, simply mail your entry to Clondalkin Online, c/o Clondalkin IT Services, 68 Floraville Avenue, Clondalkin, Dublin 22.

If you prefer an expanded entry, then please click [ HERE ] for an online submission form.

Nested Web Sites

Nested web sites are sites located within Clondalkin Online. These sites have all the characteristics and capabilities or normal web sites but are much less expensive to establish. With a nested web site, there is no need to buy a domain name, or a virtual server (essentially renting space on the internet). Therefore, the cost of these items is avoided.

A nested web site can be promoted and registered with the Internet Search Engines in exactly the same way as a normal web site. The only practical difference is in the area of the web site address. What this means, in practice, is that instead of have a web site address in the form of www.organisation.org, .net, .com or .ie, the address would be www.clondalkin.com/organisation.

Discounted & Grant-Aided Sites

Even though the normal charges for nested web sites within Clondalkin Online are extremely low, a fund is also in place which is used to discount (or even eliminate) the cost of sites for non commercial organisations in the area. Call Clondalkin Online on 086 317 9259 for more details.

Discounted & Grant-Aided Sites
  Design, Build & Publish
Monthly Maintainance Charge
Web Site 100.00 (limit 5 pages) None

The Nested Web Site service is designed to provide organisations with the most cost effective (or even free) method of gaining a professional and effective web presence and, therefore, position them to take advantage of the huge explosion in Internet based activity - including fund raising. With more than half of the Irish population using the Internet every month, now is the time to "get netted" !

NOTE: If you already have a web site, we can host it for €50 per year. There are no set-up charges.

For further information, phone 086 317 9259 or write to:
Clondalkin Online
c/o Clondalkin IT Services
68 Floraville Avenue
Dublin 22.

E-mail mail@clondalkin.com

Service details and consultations are provided without any charge or obligation to purchase.